Vacation Rental Management

In the Costa Blanca area


Careful selection of tenants on the dates of your choice.

Monthly reports on occupancy and income.

Exclusive area for owners: monitor your profits and supervise bookings.

Compliance with Generalitat Valenciana regulations.

Secure payment: guests pay before arrival.

Compatible with the sale of the property.


Increase your income with a higher number of bookings.

Establishment of rates according to market price studies, taking into account events and the situation of the property.


Housing selected and prepared to meet quality standards.

Locally recognised, we have the SICTED tourist quality seal and an excellent reputation on OTAS platforms.








Pricing strategy.

Reservation management and home staging.

Professional photos.

Supply of bed linen and towels.

We manage the maintenance of the property.

Processing of tourist licences.


24h/7 service

Quality check in/out, bed linen, towels and amenities.

Welcome with Cava / Wine and Water.

Personalised options: baskets, airport transfer, car hire and housekeeping services.

Experiences: marine adventures, celebrations and gastronomic recommendations.

Note: Some services have an additional cost for the guest.

Advantages of Holiday Rentals

Higher return than long term rental

Security in collection; No late payments

System compatible with the sale of the property

No permanence or registration fee

We charge our commission when we rent

Deductible expenses

Higher profitability than long-term rentals

Security in collection; No late payments

No permanence or registration fee

System compatible with the sale of the property

We charge our commission only when we rent the property.

Tax-deductible expenses

Greater control over the state of your property

Local presence in Altea

Altea, Valencian Community, Spain

Our location is ideal for strolling through the narrow cobbled streets, always illuminated by the warm Mediterranean light.

Enjoy strolling among the white houses adorned with flowers and let yourself be surprised by the impressive viewpoints that open like windows to the sea.

In addition, our enviable location puts at your feet a varied and renowned local gastronomy, with an offer adapted to all tastes.

Main Distances:

Alicante airport 47 min

Alicante City 40 min

Benidorm 15 min away

Our Owners’ Opinions


How does the process of managing my property by Vero Holiday Homes work?

Our management process is comprehensive. We handle everything from advertising and bookings to cleaning and maintenance. We are here to simplify the process and maximise your revenue.

How are rental rates set and who decides how much to charge per night?

We employ advanced analytical tools to establish competitive rates, intricately tailored to the dynamics of the local market, property location, and specific features. This sophisticated, demand-driven approach ensures a distinctive and compelling value proposition for our clients, creating a booking experience that arouses curiosity and satisfaction.

How do you handle last minute bookings and availability of my property?

We optimise occupancy by managing real time calendars and, if you prefer, you can block dates when you want to use your property.

How do you deal with any problems or damage that may arise at my property during guests' stays?

We have a maintenance and cleaning team to deal with any problems.

What are the costs associated with managing my property and how is the income divided?

The costs are detailed in our contract. Revenues are divided fairly, and you will always have visibility of the financial records.

What kind of insurance do you have to cover possible damages or problems that may occur?

Every property must have tourist home, damage, fire and liability insurance so that your property is protected.

How do you handle guest reviews and feedback?

We value feedback and use it to improve. Positive reviews increase the visibility of your property.

How do you communicate with me and how often do you report on the performance of my property?

We maintain constant communication and provide regular detailed reports on the performance of your property.

What happens if I want to use my property on certain dates?

You can block dates for your personal use at any time. We are here to accommodate your needs.

How much can I earn from holiday rentals in Vero Spain?

Your income depends on several factors, such as the location of the holiday home, the number of weeks you rent it out, the condition of the holiday property, the facilities, the surroundings and even the season of the year in which the property is rented.

How and when do we pay?

The agreed price will be paid by bank transfer to the account indicated. Payment will be made at the beginning of the month in which the clients are expected to arrive. The rent is paid in full even if the client has not yet arrived, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

How do I know I have got the right price for my holiday property?

Based on our experience and extensive market research, we determine the seasonal prices that best match your holiday home. We continuously monitor holiday trends around the world and use the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over more than 7 years in the industry to ensure that the rental price of your holiday home is as competitive as possible, including the right price balance.

What is the difference between renting through Vero holiday homes or doing it yourself?

Dedicating your property to holiday rentals requires a great deal of time and effort, finding the right price group for the rental seasons, promoting the holiday property in a multitude of media, managing bookings, answering customer queries and resolving any problems that may occur after the stay are just some of the tasks to be managed.

If you choose us as your holiday rental partner, we will take care of all this and much more. In addition, you will benefit from our more than 7 years of experience in the holiday rental market. We analyse all market data and trends to provide you with the best experience as a holiday home or flat owner.

Who takes the photos and writes the descriptions of the holiday homes?

We take care of every aspect of the promotion of your holiday home presented in many languages on our website and those of our partners. We also make sure that your holiday home has professional photos and a careful description, written by our editors, to offer it to our customers.

Can I keep personal belongings in my holiday property?

Yes, of course, but you must keep them in a clearly delimited, private room or storage space, preferably closed to the client.

Which countries do customers come from?

The most frequent customers visiting Spain come from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, but they can come from all over the world, thanks to our global promotion tools.